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Get a Better Skin with Gold and Platinum

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Long are the days where gold and platinum were only part of the jewelry we wear. Due to technological advances, these elements can now be part of every woman’s beauty routine. All thanks to companies like Le Royal and Euphorie Cosmetics making skin care serums, treatments, and creams that incorporate gold and platinum. Through different research it has been proven that precious metals and minerals have an incredible influence on skin cells, and gold actually acts as a restoring agent for the lost elasticity of skin tissue, which in return slows down the collagen depletion and prevents sagging skin.

image002Le Royal counts with a high-end beauty line that is pure luxury to the skin. Every ingredient in these products are made with the highest quality, which allows for your skin to rejuvenate. Among the products in the line they have a 24K Eye Serum, that lifts and firms around the eye by creating smoother fine lines for brighter and younger-looking eyes.

Their 24K Facial Serum, was made to boost the youthful look of the skin, which is achieved with its fast absorbing formula with gold radiance complex. The 24K Day Moisturizer, provides immediate and long-term hydration and its exclusive tri-radiance complex helps develop skin’s moisture barrier. While they have other creams and serums under their belt, each of their products are made to lift, nourish, and firm your skin with the super power of gold. On the other hand, Euphorie Cosmetics has specialized in a series of gold and platinum infused eye serums and skin creams which help banish wrinkles, dark shadows, and fine lines, while minimizing puffiness and bags too. Every Euphorie Cosmetics products are made to promote a perfect, rejuvenated and radiant skin, due to the fact they are formulated with the richest organic nutrients and minerals from nature.

You can choose from their platinum or gold collections a variety of infused facial gels, moisturizers, cleansers, body-scrubs and anti-aging creams that guarantee to reap benefits for your skin. Made with ingredients such as jojoba, green tea, aloe vera and sweet almond oils combined with luxurious 24k gold and platinum minerals provides skin natural glowing and ultra-smooth look that is noticeable upon application.

While these products are not your typical over the counter and inexpensive beauty finds, the money spent on them simply becomes an investment in your pretty self. So don’t think about it twice and give yourself the gift of a better skin today!

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